I’m sorry to say I’ve been very negligent about this blog this past year or so. I would make some grand excuses about how I’m on the cusp of the greatest discovery since sliced bread, but that would be unfair to you guys reading this.

(And to the Romans. They did the sliced bread thing first.)

Truth is, I’ve had a post in the works for months now, but I’ve been distracted by my doctorate studies, supervision meetings, fieldwork organising, and personal health issues. However, I am feeling more on top of things now. I’m going to aim to post once every two weeks or so, on a Wednesday so I (and hopefully all of you guys, gals, and non-binary pals) have something to look forward to mid-week.

I am sorry I let this space go silent for so long, but I promise I will try my best to keep it busy from now on.

Done digger out!


The Bone Digger blogs…

I have been adventuring in muddy fields and scorching dust-bowls alike for a good few years now and I’ve finally decided I’d do something about it.

And by that, I mean, share some of the weird, some of the wonderful, and some of the interesting things that I’ve come across in my time as an archaeologist. I started before I was even a student (fresh faced and just dipping my toes into the world of trowels), I’ve dug throughout my years at uni, and even in the commercial world (which was a way different experience than anything I’d had before). Bottom line – you can be sure there will be a lot to tell.

But more than that, I also want to share some of the theories and news that I find really, really, hold-me-back-I’m-about-to-Geek interesting. Why? Because, well come on, humans are amazing and fascinating and the way that we grew and learned and developed in all climates and environs and despite all difficulties is – for lack of a better word – just cool!

So stay tuned for articles (tagged as appropriately as I can) and stories. The ones that have happened to me will be tagged as “Tales from the trenches” and names will be changed to Protect the Innocent, but everything else will be 100% truthful and accurate. And send a question or two my way if you find something confusing or if you just want to know more.

Bone Digger out.